Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Hey, I'm back !

Well I had loads of posts scheduled but obviously made a boob again and didn't do it right . . oh well, c'est la vie!

We all had a fab time in Ireland and the weather was absolutely fab ! No rain what so ever . . . unheard of to say the least. Caught up with loads of relatives, had several Guinness's plus a few Whiskey's, stayed in a really posh hotel in Bray and did the real tourist thing around Dublin (haven't done that for years). We also visited a really, really, really small pub in Shillelagh called the "Dying Cow" and had a fab night. It was totally in the back of beyond but was so busy it was unbelievable. The pub is so small that no more than 10 people could be seated inside at any one time - a definite recommendation to anyone going to that neck of the woods in Ireland.

Unfortunately leading up to the holiday loads of things happened and I was beginning to think that we would never get away. My step mum was extremely poorly again & no sooner got over one thing, then ended up with pneumonia & finally swine flu! Then hubby decided that he would break his wrist in 5 places - the eejit fell off a ladder whilst cutting a hedge. We had to laugh (only a little) as Steve is normally the most safety conscious person going & he is the last person you would imagine having an accident. He had the accident 4 days before we were going away & the hospital were ummimg & aaahing whether he would get his permanent cast in time for us to go away but they were brill and pulled out all the stops for us . . so a big cheer to Addenbrookes Hospital.

Have to say though that this meant I was doing all the driving and after racking up over 1800 miles in 17 days, I do not want to drive for a long time - simply had enough of all the back seat driving from darling hubby !

Finally, how are you all? Hope you are well? I am planning a seriously good blog hop tomorrow to catch up on all the gossip and see all the crafty goodness I have missed.

Take care & "speak soon",

x x x


eiyiyi said...

Wonderful to have you back. Glad you had such a good time, especially after all the lunacy that went on before you left. Looking forward to your newest creations. hugs, eileen

Louise Forsyth said...

Great to have you back safe and sound!!! I have to say The dying cow is a fab name for a pub.

Unfading Spring said...

Glad to see you back, and glad you had a good holiday. Sorry to about your step mum hope she oon gets better.

Hope hubby will soon be back on track too, sounds a bit like my hubby, he's so clumsy.

Thw shedualed posting never works for me either must be doing something wrong.

Hugs Carol x

Maureen said...

lulu - glad you're back and had a good time...although I am sorry about the stress and issues that came up beforehand...its like it comes at once these days, eh? But I agree with Louise - The Dying Cow is a fabu name for a pub and I think I will put it in my wish book...