Did you know . . .. ?

that Shaz at Funky Fairy's Papercrafts is giving away a FREE download called "Boys & Girls"? It is part of a kit that she didn't quite finish but compliments the "Boys 'n' Girls" kit in the shop.

Why not pop over to the Inspiration Blog and get your copy today as the link will not be showing for much longer !

For those of you that are a little scared of downloads . . . please don't be. The files are sent to you in a zipped file and then all you have to do is right click on the folder and go to the section marked "Extract All". Just follow the prompts and hey presto, your file is ready to use and store where you want it ! Sorry if I am preaching to the converted but hey, there maybe someone who doesn't know !

Hope everyone is having a great time and as this post shows, I will either still be sitting on a hockey pitch watching Aaron or just back lounging on the sofa !

Take care,

x x x

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Sammie said...

Thanks, as always, for the tips! I for one wouldn't know how to do the download thing, but am just about to pop over and have a go, thanks to your encouragement. How did the hocket go?