Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Funky Hand DT Call

Anice over at Funky Hand is looking for more peeps to join her DT team and as a lover of downloadable kits and CD's, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

One of the criteria was to blog some of the favourite things you have made: however this is not as easy as it seems because when I was looking through my photo's, I could of chosen loads ! Saying that, it's not that I love all my stuff, it just that certain projects bring back memories as they were made for a particular person . . . gosh that sounds all gushy and sentimental when it wasn't meant to be ! ! !

Anyhow here are a few of my favourites . . .

I made a picture frame thingy (!) after I rediscovered "Aaron's" name which has been made in wire. We got it in Covent Garden several years ago. Luke has one too, but he would annihilate me if I showed you all - oh the joys of teenagers!

I love this card - can't say why but I really do! I made it for my sister &
brother-in-law last Christmas.

I "LOVE" making notebooks as I am a terrible "lists" person and luckily, one of the teachers I work with is too ! ! This was part of Beth's birthday present.

I made this card using a sketch from a challenge blog but I love the colours. I have made this card (in different shades) loads of times as it fits for any occasion.

Finally, this was my anniversary card to Steve and it was HUGE - just under A4 in size. It had to be that big because I underestimated the size of the rub-on letters ! ! He loved the card and still has it on his desk.

Well that's it but I could of blurbed for a lot longer as there were many projects I would love to share . . . including scrapbook pages . . . I know, don't faint ! but by now you are probably VERY BORED with the waffle.

Take care and maybe we should all do more posts like this because I bet there are loads of things we don't blog but actually we should "crow" about them.

Take care,

x x x


Diana said...


These are on *my* favorites too. How do I get on your Christmas list ;)


Carol said...

LOVE the pudding!! Good Luck with the call :)

Carol x

Enfys said...

what great 'samples' love the christmas one especially. good luck with the DT call

Allison said...

lovely selection of cards
Good luck with the Dt call

Emma said...

Fantastic creations Lulu...all stunning. Good luck with the dt call.
Emma x

Martha said...

These are awesome!!!!!!! And good luck with the DT call!

Manna said...

Awesome cards. Best wishes on the DT call!

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