Some awards and blog candy with a difference!

I have been a very lucky person and have received 2 awards recently. The 1st one was from Katie and was really chuffed & proud to receive it from her.

The 2nd award was from Diana who I have only recently met and I just love to visit her blog. Her cards are divine and love her little "one liners"!

Many thanks ladies - feel really privileged.

Now for the blog candy with a difference . . . Sammie, a very cheerful lady with a sunny disposition, (who has overcome much recently) is running the "Race for Life" whilst belly dancing (!) and instead of asking for us to sponsor her, could we please send her a pink (or blue!) card which she will then sell in her local church, with all funds going directly to Cancer Research. Sammie has got together a selection of candy goodies but will add more for every 10 cards she receives . . so pop over to her blog and give her your support. I for one know that I have quite a few cards I could send even though I sell some & give others to local charities, I still have a few floating around!

Have a great Friday and a fab weekend everyone,



Sammie said...

Oh wow -thanks soooo much for the publicity xxx

My card is at last linked to the FF blog, but I was trying to do the handy "Here it is" thing with the link, but I was half way thru when my mum phoned and the computer decided to go to sleep and refused to wake up again!

Thanks for helping out on the sentiment too. I wouldn't have thought of that, but I don't have a clue what PSP stands for LOL! Give me a clue? Thanks!

Any hockey this weekend? Don't forget the sun lotion! Whatever you will be doing, have a good one!

Diana said...

Much deserved awards!!! On my way to Check out Sammie's stuff.

Sammie said...

I did see it "there"! Wow -thanks for your role in networking so widely.
Bon weekend!

Lorraine A said...

Well deserved awards LuLu :-)
Congratulations on winning my candy hope you don't mind me giving the download to someone else lol :-)

Am supporting Sammy too :-)