Monday, 27 July 2009

Happy Birthday Lana

. . . for yesterday. I did remember but Mr Blogger schedule thingy didn't work properly and then I got all flustered, so silly me, deleted the post. So . . .

Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday to YOU

Happy Birthday dear LANA

Happy Birthday to YOU

I'm hoping the card arrived safely but have to be honest and say it didn't go in the post until Saturday . . . I know . . slap on wrist for me. However I know you had a great day (been & popped over to your blog to catch up with your birthday goss) and got spoilt rotten, as you should.
Happy Birthday again Lana,

Lou x x x
ps: I know I normally sign my name as LuLu but to Lana, I am known as Lou !


eiyiyi said...

It's a great card and I'm sure Lana will love it, whenever it arrives.

eileen xoxo

Terrie B x said...

Absolutly `beautiful` Lana will love her card..
Have a great week LulU..
I never seem to get my posts right !!!!...:)XXX

Lana said...

Lou I only just noticed this gorgeous card and it it is for me........
I love it and you are so kind to do this for me. Did you say you have actually posted it to me because if you have i have not received it yet and i will be gutted if it is lost :0(
A big Thank you ;0)
Lana x

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