Friday, 19 February 2010

Well it's definitely raining here . . .

. . . with loads of problems !!! Steve & I had decided that the house needed a little pick me up, so began decorating with ernest . . . only because we both hate the prep bit, so we do this bit really, really, really quickly so we can begin the painting bit - the messy fun bit ! ! Well, whilst prepping, we decided that we'd replace the naff skirting and began taking the old stuff out. All was going really well (probably too well), however things changed in a BIG way when we got near to the patio doors. We begean to lift the carpet up to get to the skirting to find that it was absolutely sodden. Upon investigation it would appear that the patio door has been leaking in a big way, wrecking the carpet & underlay.

However the worst was yet to come . . . it has totally undermined the floor. Large chunks of the concrete have perished and we now have huge holes in the floor and we can clearly see the footings ! We did panic at this point, swore a little (actually a lot) and than had the "what are we going to do now?" So for the last 2 days, we have had builders in, double glazing people (aaaahhhhhhh . . . why can't they just tell you the price & then GO . . . !) and then the insurance inspectors! So we are getting a new patio door in 2 weeks, the floor done next week and new carpets in 3 weeks . . . all we've got to do now is wait and see what the insurance company will cover! So the motto of this story . . . . DON'T DECORATE !

Well, I didn't expect to write so much as I really wanted to explain why I was late posting my Polka Doodles card and got totally carried away. We were asked to follow a sketch with the added challenge of incorporating a bird . . . so without further ado (and waffle) here is my card . . .

Papers & elements from Candy Doodles CD

Loads of layering and chalking, paper ribbons and voila, my card was completed ! Go check out the Polka doodles challenge blog to see what the other girlies have been making - fab & inpsirational work on that blog.

Am now off to catch up on blogging, emails and anything else that has been neglected the last 48 hours. Have a great weekend everyone,



eiyiyi said...

Love the card! Hate what you're going through with the flooring and doors and carpets. Nasty business. hugs, eileen

Stef H said...

oh u poor dear. we put it a new wood floor and a month later, my desk chair put a hole in one of the boards and it's too hard to fix. we had to buy a carpet to cover it. now the carpet is wearing and it looks - to me anyway - awful. no wonder old people never redecorate. maybe we should heed their advice - lol.

but your crafting has not been hindered in any way. this is gorgeous!

hang in there.

Nini said...

Awww your card is gorgeous, but you hang in there hon so sorry to hear about all the wreckage! xoxo

Ginny said...

can TOTALLY relate to this :( FAB card tho :)

Rhonda said...

Love all the layering and the circles. This is very pretty.

Claire Phillips said...

Great card Lou! Thinking about decorating - but its only reached the thinking stage......I love your ribbon at the bottom of your card - fabby! x

Vicky said...

Oh no Lou, what a palaver, at least you found it before it got any worse, good luck with the insurance payout.
On a lighter note, love your bright and cheery card, the chalked edges are fab. :)xx

Kathy said...

Great card, love the bright cheerful colors. Sorry you are having those issues around the house.

Tracey said...

Oooh dear Louise, I always thought decorating was bad for you lol.

I love everything about this card, it's fab!


Martha said...

Love this card!!! What great colors!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Yikes- what a story! I hope it all turns out fine for you! I love your pretty card. TFS

Cheryl said...

Hang in there.

Love this card!

Wendy said...

Oh goodness, what a depressing scenario! But look at it this are getting new stuff to replace everything, so it will look even MORE awesome when it is all done!

Your card is so pink and green together!

Have a great day!

Enfys said...

Oh dear Lou, hope the insurance comes up trumps for you. Lovely card
big hugs
En xx