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"Lots of Love" ... Tatty Twinkle style

Whilst going through a memory card that I found, I discovered quite a few Tatty cards I had made and not shared. I also found lots of different photos I had taken when visiting Dad and Step Mum in Hove (actually). They are very lucky and live opposite the beach, so get to see lots of wonderful sunrises and sunsets ... they also witness horrific sunbathing incidents too, (say no more) ...!  Okay, on to my card ... I wanted to create a vintage with a modern twist style card, so began by covering a peice of card with old book pages. I then aged them using white acyrlic paint, raw umber pan pastel and magenta pan pastel. Once I was happy "faffing", (as my family call it), I then covered the background with oodles of "Lots of Love" die cuts using a Tattered Lace die. However, there was a cunning plan in my head whilst cutting these out ... I tried very hard to place the die across my card so that I could then create another background (with the negative) a

Colouring and stamping with pan pastels

Edited to add: this post is showing as of Mondays date but was definitely posted today, Tuesday. Not sure why and after battling blogger for too long, I have given in ... I'm a wee bit late for my Pan Pastels Challenge project as my first idea is just not finished ... well it is 75% finished but I just can't decide on what to add for those finishing touches. I am frustrating myself immensely so have decided to walk away and come back to it at a later date. So not to let my teamies down, I quickly rustled up this simple card using Sheena Douglas poppy stamps ... I have coloured them vibrant orange/yellow to represent spring rather than their normal red and I think it totally changes their look; not at all poppy-like. I stamped with Perfect Medium and then went over the lines with orange pan pastel. Before colouring the images, I carefully rubbed away any excess pan pastel so that I was left with white(ish) petals. Next using orange, pearlescent orange and pearlesc

You are amazing ...

I decided to have another hour of cutting using lots of elements from the new Eden collection from Polka Doodles and I am in a real "floral" mood at the moment. I think I am desperate to see more spring blooms and that's what has influenced me. I created a frame using the one of the floral branch embellishments and placing in to create a frame. I printed this off twice so I could add layers and dimension. Next I have layered one of the metal effect round frames and a beautiful bird (which I have glittered) and added them to the corner. The sentiment is also from the Eden collection mounted on to 3D foam to stand out even further. As an added extra, I cut out lots of flower images (from same collection), shaped and glittered them, adding a pearl gem to the centre. The heart button are again another embellishment you can find in the Eden collection and I have threaded some lace through the holes and added a pink ribbon flower to each. I'm on countdown

Tissue Box meets stampbord and pan pastels

Sunday already ... where has my weekend gone? I know I've had two days off work but it doesn't feel that way. I would like to put it down to being busy busy but have had a chilled weekend. Oh well. It's inspiration week over at Pan Pastel Challenges and we are still busy altering anything that stands still long enough and I decided to use an empty tissue box to create a storage "thingy". I cut it in half and glued the two pieces side on. I covered the sides with a fab selection of papers I found in an Euro shop when visiting mum. They are by and a really good weight. I also covered the inside too. Using raw umber and coarse black pearlescent pan pastels, I distressed/aged the edges. Next I dug out my fav PAB stamps: postcard and roses. I created some postcards using both the papers and the stamps, ageing them with the same coloured pan pastels as before. I added the postcards to my boxes to look as if they were travelling memorabilia.