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"It's all about the bling" at Pan Pastels

I must admit that this challenge had me a bit flummoxed to say the least, as couldn't think of a starting point for my project, which then led to a little frustration. So I did what I always do in these situations .... just create and make a mess. Going to apologise from the start for two reasons: 1] load of photos, so this is a long post 2] My photographic skills really do not show off the pearlescent shine  you achieve using the pearlescent pan pastels. I began by using the fab stamp set, Postcard from Premium Art Brands  and randomly stamped the postcard image over my background. I then embossed the image with Cosmic Shimmer white embossing powder. Next, I covered the canvas card with "blobs" of pan pastels in magenta, orange and purple. I then blended the colours together using the equivalent pearlescent pan pastels to create a very shiny background. The light bulb suddenly went off in my head at this point as my background now had a certain "b

It's all about die cuts over at We Do Doobadoo

"Enhancing die cuts" is the new theme over at We Do Doobadoo and although the theme appears to sound complicated, trust me when I say, it isn't. We all embellish our die cuts in different ways; over stamping, embossing with masks, embossing with folders, distressing etc etc, so as you can see, the theme is probably "easy peasy, lemon squeezy" as it's something we all do without thinking about. I decided to use the Dutch Doobadoo "small circles" mask as it is currently my "fav" ... not sure why but I think it's the pattern that calls to me! Next month, I know I will have another new fav ... hee, hee, hee ... but until then ... Using my Perfect Medium pad, I covered the stencil and then placed a further piece of card on top. Next, I ran this card/sencil sandwich through my big shot, so one piece of card embossed and the other picked up the residual Perfect Medium. The embossed card, I smoothered in gold embossing powder (and h

Recycling at Polka Doodles

I am not liking this "blink" and you've lost another day feeling. The clocks going back have not helped either especially as the nights are getting darker now ... it just seems as if the time you have out in the day, has diminished by over 75%. I always feel that it turns us all in to "anti-social" peeps, as we rush home from work, shut the door and close the curtains to the outside world. Okay, grump over and back to the post .... This week over at Polka Doodles Challenges we have been asked to "recycle" and I adore these type of challenges ... and if I'm honest, so do my family. I have drawers full off bits, bobs and random paraphernalia because .... well, just because ... and .... you never know moments . Whilst looking for bits to use on my project, I discover a box (within one of the drawers) full of tags from where I have kept them because of the materials they were made from, the shape, the style or even if some instances, loved the quote