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"Ahoy Matey" pan pastel style ...

Oh my, time is rushing past me quicker than the speed of light at the moment. Christmas time in a school is a little bit busy and jammed packed with anything and everything ...! If I write another "to do" list, I'm going to drive myself insane. Anyhow, on to my project for "Love to Create Challenges" and I decided to use up an old Tando frame I have kicking around. I wanted a seaside theme and found some papers I had printed off from Pink Petticoat which fitted my theme perfectly. I used the paper on the backing plate and sealed then with matt gel medium. Next I began building up the card sides to create the depth for my frame. I cut some extra sides from chipboard as really wanted a deep(ish) frame. I used raw umber pan pastel on the inside to hide all the layers. Handy hint time ... Place a scrap of paper under the sides so that you do not catch your backing paper. Once the sides were 'set', I covered then with a mixture of raw umber, yello