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Meaningful cards with a super cute twist - Giraffilious Collection from JMC Designs

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Kinetic slider cards using Polkadoodles Toadfully Cute & Sunshine Friends collections

Do you get crafty moments/ideas instantly that when you see stamp images? I've really fell back in love with kinetic cards & that was after receiving 2 stamp set collections from Polkadoodles - Toadally Cute & Sunshine Friends .  The images spoke to me and said "make us move!". 

Stamping "hints & tips" to get the most from our stamps - Cleverprints Tribal Collection

Recently I did a Facebook Live where the focus was looking at our stamps with fresh eyes by changing both colour & composition plus ignoring the collections name! The stamp collection I worked with is from a company called Cleverprints & their collection called "Tribal".  Here's an overview of the projects I made during the Facebook Live. You can find loads more details further down in this post.

Stamping, doodling & oxide backgrounds with Dylusions stamps & stencils by Dyan Reavley

I recently discovered that I have lots of art journal pages that I've created on separate pieces of card & rather than let them become "dog eared" - or in some cases more dog eared - I bought myself a new journal to house them all in.  The page I am sharing today is one I created about 6 months ago during a Facebook Live.

Learning to photograph my craft projects featuring Text(ures) stamps by Lou Collins

Do you know what I find the hardest about blogging and sharing on social media? Taking clear, good photographs. It really is a daily struggle & some days, the struggle can be monumental when doing photography editing.   Recently I’ve been following a few wonderful artists & a few companies, who above being creative, also share their hints and tips about how to get the best shots to show case the project you may have spent hours making.   My subject for this post is the card below …  

Celebrating World Ocean Day 2021 - YouTube Hop & discount codes

 A sea related theme is my "go to" crafting wise especially if my mojo has decided to go for a short break somewhere. With today also being "World Oceans Day", I simply couldn't resist creating something with an underwater theme which could be used to highlight the importance of our worlds oceans.    Now I'm involved with a wonderful group of creatives to celebrate Worlds Ocean Day in a YouTube hop - more details below - each of us show casing an ocean/sea themed project. Also further down my post, you will find a whole host of discount codes from a wide range of crafting companies to use today as part of the celebration.

Gelli Arts Perfect Placement Tool - quick layering ideas

 Oh boy oh boy was I a "kiddy kipper" - to borrow the phrase from Emma Blake - when I received my Gelli Arts Perfect Placement Tool. For me, the wonders of layering with paints, stencils & stamps never ceases but I'm also not worried if I don't pull the perfect print. However I do know that for others, this can be the bit that turns them running to the hills from their gelli plate. Hopefully in this post I will share some of my prints that I have created & also a YouTube video showing the printing process.