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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Do it yourself with pan pastels

It is a new "Anything Goes" mixed media/altered/anything messy challenge over at Love to Create and I am in the process of making a present for someone, from "scratch" ... the presentation box and the present itself plus some added embellishments.

I began by making the box itself using kraft card and packing tape (the type you wet with water to make sticky) and then decided that it needed a wrap around lid ... as you do ...

Next I covered both the inside and outside of the box with white acyrlic paint, sponging it randomly as I still want the kraft card to show through.

Next I added some raw umber pan pastel to the edges and began stamping using a selection of Premium Art Brand stamps: Postcard, Roses and STOP, (all links below). Still using the raw umber, I added shading to each of the stamped postcards.

I then added some magenta pan pastel, to add colour highlights, blending with the pan pastel colourless blender.

Now another layer of stamped images using the different Premium Art Brand stamps sets; some stamped with black ink and some stamped with Perfect Medium,vcoloured with either magenta or raw umber pan pastel.

Finally my box was decorated ... however you will notice that the base section hasn't been decorated but this is because it will be ... sort of ... can't say anything more.

Finally I created some matching decorated A4 card ready to use on my other project ... but you will have to wait and see what I do ...

Back to work tomorrow, so a clearing up sort of day and that includes my crafting area .... have a great day what ever you are doing,

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Love, Love, Love so beautiful!